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HybridIRC is an IRC network dedicated to making your IRC experiences fun and exciting. HybridIRC is a free chat realm and is open for all ages, nationalities, and religions. We are currently a new Internet Relay Chat network running over 2 servers providing a quality reliable chat resource for both experienced and new internet users. We use latest version of InspIRCd software with Atheme IRC services. We also have a 99.9% uptime. HybridIRC also has The Lounge and KiwiIRC web-based IRC chat clients, which is most used by web developers from all over the world.

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We offer full services including NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ, OperServ, BotServ, GameServ, GroupServ, InfoServ, UserServ, Global, HostServ and HelpServ, with a liberal 365 day expiration period for nicknames and channels.

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We pride ourselves on redundancy and stability. Having a number of servers on various hosts thoughout the world provides the redundancy needed to ensure users will always be able to connect as expected.

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HybridIRC have staff located across the globe, this gives means you should always have someone available to answer questions or deal with network outages.

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