Linking To Us

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Network Linking Policy

  • Hardlinking: We do not currently allow other networks to hardlink (share resources under one configuration) with us. This policy is unlikely to change in the future.
  • PyLink: Networks may use their own PyLink (Python package to link channels) to connect to specific channels on our network, provided they adhere to our network policies.
  • Janus: We do not support Janus Links (linking channels between servers) due to its unreliable nature. This policy is unlikely to change.
  • While hardlinking and Janus linking are restricted, we are open to alternative proposals. If you have strategies to engage your website users with us, please reach out, and we will strive to accommodate your needs.


  • Can my staff register their nickname and use a custom vHost such as

    Yes, your staff can register their nicknames and use custom vHosts. While we cannot merge databases, we support individual registrations and valid email verification. We welcome suggestions for improvement.

  • Can I have a clone limit set for specific IPs?

    Please inform us if you require specific IPs to have an increased clone limit, as the default limit is set to 10.

  • Do I have to use custom records?

    You can continue using your current records, but you may need to delete CNAME and Nameserver registrations completely and create an A record for "irc type A".

  • What website applet can I use?

    We recommend KiwiIRC for hiding joins/parts/quits or our webchat link. Depending on your client base, The Lounge or Mibbit are also good options. To embed using an iframe, use:

    <iframe src="" allow="camera; microphone; display-capture; fullscreen" style="border: 1px solid silver; width: 100%; height: 550px;"></iframe>

    More information can be found at HybridIRC Embedding.
  • Do you provide channel stats?

    Yes, we provide channel stats for any channel interested in displaying them on their website. Visit for more details. Let us know if you prefer to use your own stats.

  • What modules and software do you use?

    We operate on InspIRCd and AthemeIRC services, which we consider the best available. These platforms are regularly updated, and changes are rigorously tested on beta servers before implementation. Our network offers various modes to help protect and manage your channel. For a full list of our modules, visit Channel Modes Help.

  • How can I register a channel?

    To register a channel, join the desired channel and type: /msg ChanServ REGISTER #channel. Follow the prompts to set channel modes and register the channel to your account.

  • What are channel modes and how do they work?

    Channel modes control various aspects of channel behavior, such as who can join, speak, and moderate. Visit Channel Modes Help for a detailed list and usage instructions.

  • How do I manage channel access and permissions?

    Use ChanServ commands to manage access levels. For example, /msg ChanServ FLAGS #channel lists current access flags, and /msg ChanServ ACCESS #channel ADD nick level grants access to a user with specified permissions.

  • How can I request additional bot services for my channel?

    We provide network bots to assist with channel management. These bots are available at /msg botserv botlist and can be customized to meet specific needs, such as custom naming conventions.

  • Can I link my channel with bots or external services?

    Yes, you can link your channel with approved bots or external services. Ensure they comply with our network policies to maintain channel security and integrity.

  • How do I request a custom vHost for my channel staff?

    We can assist in creating a group with a custom vHost, allowing you to invite trusted users to the group and assign them a custom vHost.

  • What guidelines should I follow for channel naming?

    Channel names must adhere to our network guidelines, avoiding offensive or inappropriate language. Review our Terms of Service for detailed naming policies.

  • Where can I find more information about network policies and rules?

    For comprehensive guidelines on channel management, user conduct, and network administration, visit our Network Policies page.

  • If you have a general question, you can reach us in the #Help channel or email us directly at: For a prompt and effective response within 48 hours, please provide detailed information in your message.